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Snowball Internet Marketing
Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Snowball Internet Marketing is a passionate web and graphic design company. We provide creative design solutions and strategic internet marketing at an affordable price.
Become a reseller.
As a webEFEKTs reseller, you are able to run a complete website solution company effectively and efficiently. We offer powerful tools that not only allow you to build and manage websites, but also allow complete customer management, including billing, quoting and much more.
webEFEKTs is constantly growing in functionality, design and ease of use. As it is an online application, all upgrades are part of the system you use. There is no software to install! All resellers get to be part of our growth; we listen to our resellers and move in a direction where everyone benefits. We move with technology... and because we move, you move! You don't need to worry about questions like ‘where is the web industry going?’ We do that for you, you just benefit from it!
If you don't have all the skills required to run a complete website business, we have options available for you. We have a wide range of professionals making their services available through the webEFEKTs system as sub-contractors. The benefit is that you can manage all your own projects and sub-contract skills such as web design, advanced web development, flash animation etc. through webEFEKTs.
So what's the catch? Well... there is no catch! Your biggest challenge is learning a new product... and even that is simple when it comes to the webEFEKTs system.
For more information on the webEFEKTs system please do not hesitate to contact us.
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